NOSTER is our strategic brand

The ‘NOSTER’ brand.

The NOSTER brand underscores the desire of all the staff at Nitto Pharma—an innovative biopharmaceutical company based in Kyoto, Japan—to contribute to the treatment of people suffering from diseases. Nitto Pharma has continued to conduct research and development of microorganisms since 1947 in cooperation with many kinds of universities and research institutes based on the stance that microorganisms have a lot to teach us about what is good for the human body that they have helped create.

Human beings maintain life with amazing balance, but it is not appreciated that it is the close complementary relationship with microorganisms that plays an important role in maintaining this balanced life.

For Nitto Pharma the deep recognition that microorganisms are indispensable partners for healthy living is “our origin”; a belief that will never change.

Lactic acid bacteria

Nitto Pharma’s work philosophy and caring for others: Respect others and have affection and pride in our work

Nitto Pharma has always delivered scientific discoveries to society, to hospitals, to pharmacies, and to patients, with the assurance of ‘pharmaceutical company quality’.

The company is devoted to the development and manufacture of medicinal products based on reliable evidence and has established a business model of a ‘development- proposal-type pharmaceutical manufacturer’ that entrust distribution to major pharmaceutical companies with strong sales channel. In addition, Nitto Pharma has collaboration with food manufacturers and opened up the new genre of functional food.

Nitto Pharma’s corporate philosophy as a ‘Family-friendly Company’ is to ensure that all employees acknowledge and respect each other like family, and ‘caring for others’ is the most important theme for to connect the staff.

Ayabe Plant

New challenge “NITTO 2030”

Nitto Pharma’s 70th anniversary this year is a new turning point. With effective microorganisms forming the core of its business, the company has grown steadily since its founding, and has now formulated the long-term vision ‘NITTO 2030’ aiming to become the “world’s premier biotech company” by 2030.

The meaning of the “the world’s premier biotech company’ is the realization of ‘postbiotics drug discovery’ that only companies conducting microbiological research can do and opening unknown fields that have not been achieved by anyone in the world. This is the figure of a company that ready to meet any challenge in developing new drugs that transform the power of microorganism into human life force with the ultimate goal of contributing to the treatment of all people suffering from diseases.

By 2030 Nitto Pharma is planning to launch a new bio-pharmaceutical business in addition to their bio-food business, which centers on the supply of bacterial powder raw materials for use in conventional foods and supplements.

From now on, the company will conduct corporate management focusing on the promotion of these two biotechnology businesses. We will use all the results and technologies of microbial research that have been accumulated since its founding, to steadily advance the path to ‘postbiotics drug discovery’.

This is the new challenge for Nitto Pharma as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. In order to share this challenge with people all over the world, Nitto Pharma decided to launch the global bio-brand ‘NOSTER’ with the slogan “Postbiotics to benefit everybody”.

Capsules of HYA

Contributing to the everyday happiness of people all over the world: NOSTER is “a brand for us”

Nitto Pharma has always believed that they “want to save people as many people as possible who are ill, with the power of microorganisms”. Nitto Pharma has confidence that they can achieve this goal if they can extract the limitless power possessed by microorganisms. The global biotechnology brand ‘NOSTER’ is the driving force for advancing this believe.
‘NOSTER’ has a nostalgic and warm sound, and means “our” in Latin, and includes all the people involved in ‘NOSTER’ including those making products, people who use it, people caring for others. And this brand includes the desire to be “a brand for us”, for all people.

‘NOSTER’ is introduced to contribute to the everyday happiness of people all over the world by providing bio-food to those who wish to create biopharmaceuticals for people suffering from illness and wish to improve their health.

From now on, Nitto Pharma will set ‘NOSTER’ for all products of the biotechnology business, clarify its goals, and develop effective communication activities to expand the recognition of ‘NOSTER’.

Nitto Pharma manufacturing plant.

Three themes for ‘NOSTER’

To-date, Nitto Pharma has been isolating and collecting new beneficial bacteria from Kyoto pickles and Kyoto vegetables, and now have over 400 strain libraries of mainly lactic acid bacteria. About 50 strains of useful intestinal bacteria such as butyric acid bacteria and Bacteroides species from the human intestinal tract are stocked. The company will expand the search area to expand the library to 10, 000 strains.

There are many kinds of universities and research institutes in the Kyoto area. Taking advantage of this geographical location, Nitto Pharma will further deepen its collaboration with these academic institutes, to further advance research on effective microorganisms to be recognized as the most advanced in the world. Nitto Pharma is strengthening its activities on open innovation research to meet the challenges for intestinal bacteria drug discovery.

The third theme is promotion of ‘postbiotics’ research. Effective microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria are referred to as ‘probiotics’. Substances such as dietary fiber, which serve as food for probiotics are called ‘prebiotics’. Importantly, probiotics break down the prebiotics in our intestines and create beneficial bacterial metabolites in the human body. These metabolites are ‘postbiotics’, and it is a research area that is not yet open to the world.

‘NOSTER’ is a growth driver that will lead Nitto Pharma to become the “world’s premier biotech company”.

Nitto Pharma will start with its strength of possessing the world’s most advanced research and cultivation technology as a starting point and meet the challenges to leap forward and become a leading global company hand in hand with ‘NOSTER’.

Nitto Pharma production facility