Industrial applications of functional fatty acids produced by gut lactic acid bacteria

Yasunori Yonejima
Nitto Pharma, Kyoto

Nitto Pharma supply seven strains of gut lactic acid bacteria for food materials under the NOSTER brand and retains more than 400 strains in its library. The company is pursuing open innovation ‘postbiotics’ research in the search for metabolites from gut microbes to promote scientific advances in bioactive metabolites and beneficial microorganisms.

To-date Yasunori Yonejima and colleagues at Nitto Pharma have isolated more than 200 strains of lactic acid bacteria from pickled and fresh vegetables.

Open innovation research at Nitto Pharma is carried out in close collaboration with academia and extends from basic studies on gut microbes and metabolites using target libraries, and elucidating mechanisms of immune response, to applied and clinical research.

Examples of results of ‘postbiotics’ include:
-the health benfits of ‘leucosaccharide’ such as improvement in metabolism and induction of high IgA activity and balancing of immune system
-food applications and medical use of ‘HYA’, a functional fatty acid produced by Lactobacillus plantarum metabolism of linoleic acid contained in edible oil such as safflower oil. Notably, the oral administration of HYA (1000 mg/kg) induces the secretion of insulin by increases in GLP-1 level. HYA underwent randomized, placebo controlled, double blind clinical trials that showed no problems in safety during ingestion of HYA.

Nitto plans to launch a wide range of functional foods in 2019 that contain HYA. The company also plans to pursue ‘industrialization for medicine’, namely, HYA capsules for reducing blood glucose levels, improving periodontal disease, and other benefits.

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