Kohey Kitao / Managing Director and Head of R&D, Nitto Pharma

Kohey Kitao
Managing Director and Head of R&D, Nitto Pharma

Kohey Kitao is the Managing Director and Head of R&D at Nitto Pharma, Kyoto. “I manage the entire research pipeline of Nitto Pharma,” says Kitao. “Nitto Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturer founded in 1947. We are engaged in medicine and food development based on research focused on intestinal microorganisms.”

Nitto Pharma’s greatest strength is that it is the only pharmaceutical company in Japan possessing culturing technology for many kinds of microorganisms and intestinal bacteria that are difficult to culture.

In 2017 Nitto Pharma celebrated its 70th anniversary and well as launching their newest bio-business brand, known as ‘NOSTER’. Nitto Pharma has started sales of seven types of probiotic strains of bacteria and biopharmaceutical medicinal and nutritional products.

In addition, the company has positioned postbiotics and intestinal bacteria at the center of its research on drug discovery. Postbiotics are metabolites produced by intestinal bacteria. Functional fatty acid ‘HYA’ and functional polysaccharide leucosaccharide are important drug discovery targets for Nitto’s research.

Importantly, intestinal bacterial drug discovery is a completely new approach to identify intestinal bacteria that are related to various diseases and cure specific diseases by directly administering the drugs to humans. The company is creating pharmaceuticals products from endogenous substances present in the body.

“We hope to build cooperative relationships with companies all over the world and deliver the benefits of postbiotics and intestinal bacteria to people around the world,” says Kitao.